China questions India’s move to build new road in Ladakh

China questions India’s move to build new road in Ladakh

China on Thursday questioned the Indian movement to build a new road near Lake Pangong in the Ladakh sector, saying it had “slapped its own face” by allowing such a project on the border has not yet been delimited .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the new Indian-sanctioned road project near Pangong Lake, where border troops from the two countries met last week, has not favored maintaining “peace and tranquility” Along the border.

In reaction to a report on the project in Hindustan Times earlier this week, the chancellor argued that the movement revealed a contradiction in India’s position in building structures along the border.

The Hindustan Times report stated that the Interior Ministry has “approved the construction of an autonomous road project from Marsimik La to Hot Spring.” Marsimik La Ladakh is about 20 km from the northwestern end of Pangong Lake. The Border Road Organization (BRO) took over the project after being authorized by the Ministry of Interior.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying reacted strongly when Chinese media quoted the report and called for a reaction at Thursday’s briefing.

“It seems according to reports that the Indian side is trying to slap its own face.The Indian side closely follows the construction of the road in China recently, but shares of India showed that the Indian side said something And actually another, “Hua said.

“Their words (from India) are in complete contradiction with their border actions,” he added. “The western part of the India-China border has not been delimited.

Both sides agreed to maintain the peace and quiet of the border areas before disputes are resolved. The current construction of the road by the Indian side is not conducive to peace and stability in this area and will not contribute to the solution of the current situation.

Hua referred to intervention in June by Indian troops to block the construction of a road with Chinese troops Donglang Doklam or near the Sikkim border. New Delhi said that the road would change the status quo and would have serious consequences on security.

China has repeatedly accused India of “openness” in the Doklam region and unleashed the two-month military stalemate. Dokalm is under the control of China, but claimed by Bhutan.

Beijing also accused New Delhi of skirmishes near Lake Pangong on August 15, saying that Indian troops unleashed a fight in which Chinese soldiers were injured.

The Foreign Ministry said Monday that China had presented “serious concerns” about the incident along the LCC. “According to our information, on August 15, Chinese border troops carried out a normal patrol on the Chinese side of the LAC region around the Pangong area,” Hua said Monday.

“In the course of this process, the Indian side has taken violent actions and damaged the Chinese border staff, which has violated the consensus between the Indian side and the Chinese on border issues,” he added.

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