‘Must protect essence, idea of India’: Sonia Gandhi slams Modi govt at Congress meet

‘Must protect essence, idea of India’: Sonia Gandhi slams Modi govt at Congress meet

Congressional President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday attacked the Narendra Modi government at the Center and called on party leaders to be ready to protect the essence and idea of ​​India.

The Congressional Working Committee (CAQ), chaired by party chairman Sonia Gandhi, met in New Delhi to discuss the current political situation and the upcoming presidential election.

“We have to be prepared to protect the essence and the idea of ​​India as the government tries to extinguish,” said Sonia Gandhi at the meeting.

Gandhi also said that there was relatively calm in Kashmir, but now there is a confrontation, tension and growing fear. “The crisis in Jammu and Kashmir has come to represent the colossal failure of government,” he said.

Gandhi also said that regardless of the success of this government (Modi), these are the projects put in place by the government of the UPA.

“There is a growing campaign against the truck of force across the country in a regressive view of the world and are closed during three years of NDA government,” he said.

The party’s highest decision-making body met at Sonia Gandhi’s residence and attended party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and former PM Manmohan Singh.

The main leaders of the Congress Ghulam Nabi Azad, P Chidambaram, Ambika Soni, Janardan Dwiwedi and other members of the CWC were present at the meeting.

Speaking to the media after the meeting of the CWC, Azad said: “In the last three years, nothing has been seen that fear.”

Declaring that the government was just slogans, Azad said: “After three years, the ministers were busy praising themselves on television. They watched the hero on television, but zero on earth.

Azad also said that the government committed to create jobs, but instead, those working in the organized and unorganized sector was left without work. “Existing jobs have disappeared and there is no new job,” he said.

The CAQ was held at a time when Congress intends to bring together opposition parties before the presidential elections.

It wants a broad coalition of opposition parties in place before the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 to take the BJP. The BJP and its allies have gained strength since the Modi government in May of 2014.

The members of the CWC unanimously expressed in November a “strong sense” for the raising of Rahul for the first time and one can go further.

At the November 7 meeting, all members, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and high ranking leader Una K Antony made a strong case for Rahul to resume the reins of the party.

The president of the Congress has created a record for being at the head of the organization 130 years for almost two decades since the end of the abandonment of Sitaram Kesri by the CWC in early 1998.

Rahul was appointed party vice president in January 2013 during the Congressional retreat in Jaipur.

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