SpiceJet chief the man of the moment at Modi-Trump meet

SpiceJet chief the man of the moment at Modi-Trump meet

He is the man he has not seen in the Garden of Roses press by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and President Donald Trump, but he learned of it. And his company’s big business with an American company had the entire White House city in the United States Congress.

It’s the man Vice President Mike Pence searched Tuesday in a room full of executives from India and the United States at the annual summit of the Business Council of India of the United States and gathered behind the stage before taking the podium.

“I greeted him by name and said, ‘Look, I know the company and know the order in which he performed his company,’ said Ajay Singh, president and CEO of SpiceJet, who has a shout Trump to squeeze the Rose Garden. Interview with Hindustan Times.

“I was delighted to hear about the recent order from the Indian airline 100 new US aircraft, one of the largest orders of its kind that will support thousands and thousands of jobs in the United States,” the president said, with the prime minister next to him , Without naming Singh and SpiceJet.

Starting a week before the inauguration in January of Trump, SpiceJet took orders for 225 aircraft with Boeing, valued at more than $ 22 billion and, according to a US government certification, will create 132,000 Job positions. The first plane will begin arriving in 2018, and the last in 2024.

In Singh’s story, Boeing’s idea was to let the United States government know that the agreement would once work on the visit of Modi.

It seemed a good idea as it took place in the corridors of power in New Delhi and DC, which has improved, has taken donors, and finally the prime minister’s office requested a note.

Singh said he did not expect this kind of attention when he placed these orders around a company he had built and left and rebuilt, near bankruptcy – “when they have supported the company (in 2015), their stocks were At Rs 12 each, and now they are at Rs 125; (We) have done well. ”

Of course, enough to be cited as an example of opportunities for American companies in the history of Indian growth and find a mention in the fact sheet published by the White House after the meeting of the two leaders of articles Of the close cooperation between the two countries.

During his brief meeting at USIBC events, Singh said Pence had expressed a desire to visit SpiceJet’s offices when traveling in India – at the invitation of Prime Minister Modi, he accepted on a date yet to be determined.

Later on Tuesday, Singh went to the Capitol to meet with lawmakers.

So, how does it feel? “It’s very good, fantastic,” Singh said, leaning into his seat in a hotel cafeteria in downtown DC “It’s a great testimony to what SpiceJet has done … and we’re happy to be part of a whole .. Important meeting “.

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